Heardefenders-DF - Single Pair

Heardefenders-DF - Single Pair
Advanced technology that incorporates breatheable, moisture resistant ACOUSTICAL FILTERS that improve sound quality when the ear is overloaded with excess noise......CONTINUOUS or IMPACT!

We call this product HEARDEFENDERS-DF
Price: $ 42.50

heardefender df xray

HearDefenders-DF® dual-filtered hearing protectors feature Variable Attenuation.  As noise levels go up, noise suppression goes up, allowing speech and radio communications to be heard!

HearDefenders-DF® are the first and only product to offer the flexibility of two levels of hearing protection and the ability to hook up to radio communications. They are specifically designed to help the user hear critical acoustics (sounds) including speech, while filtering out loud or harmful impact sounds.

Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large

heardefender df black

How to determine your correct size:

  • Large = Circumference of a AA battery
  • Medium = Circumference of a AAA battery
  • Small = Circumference is less than a AAA battery

If unsure between two sizes, go with the smaller size.

heardefender df info 1 HearDefenders DF heardefender df red

  • Advanced filter technology improves speech and radio communication without distortion or muffling
  • Use with one or two filters
  • External filter is removable
  • Optimal Acoustic Filtering
  • Fit comfortably under helmets
  • Floatable, moisture resistant
  • Breathable filter allows for pressure equalization
  • Can be used with cell phone
  • Durable – last 1 - 2 years
  • Easy to use and clean
  • 3 Sizes for comfortable fit – S-M-L
  • Available in black or orange
  • Removable cord included