Pilots Headset CEP from $335

CEP Custom Ear Protection for pilots using our custom made Eamolds places the sound directly into your ears while protecting your hearing.

Pilot wires CEPin LabFlex from $335


LabFlex CEP Monitors


Earmold Australia® In Ear CEP Monitors are made in our LabFlex premium silicone, made from using an impression of your ear in 7 to 10 days

Only Earmold Australia® uses the highest rated medical grade  silicone that offers up to 36.5db reduction at 4000 Hz yet will still let low level sounds such as voice through.

We have developed the ultimate in comfort, sound quality and ease of cleaning. Along with quality Single Knowles Balanced Armature you receive crystal clear sound from your device and the Earmolds are made to slim fit so they won’t dislodge while taking your helmet off and on and will stay in place once fitted. 

Available in a wide range of solid colours or multiple colour combinations for a full custom look

Frequency: 11 kHz Sound Pressure Level: 105.5 dB Impedance: 48 Ohms


CEP lengths CEP front view CEP side view

Brass CEP connector is fitted to an offset cable with one side 29cm and the 38cm in legth for ease of wear and has been heat sealed to prevent breakage at the conection they come with a 12 month warranty on the electronics and a 2 year integrity warranty on the Earmolds for extra piece of mind.

Please contact a Provider to make an appointment for assistance 

Full impressions of your ears are required to produce this product

Once we have your impressions and you have decided on what best suits your needs we will personally make your plugs to guarantee a perfect fit both comfort and performance.

Please allow 7 to 10 business days once we receive your impression to complete your order

No waiting weeks as we have our own in house lab and make this range ourselves.

A complete set of impression of your ears are required: Please note some outlets may charge you for these impressions, please check cost when booking.


LabFlex 40 Shore colour chart


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Impression of your ears are required, please allow 7 to 10 day turnaround

Note: This product is produced for the enjoyment of listening to audio/communication devices. But please remain aware of the dangers of listening to these devices at a loud volume level (85dB+). OHSA regulations state a volume of 80-85dB is safe for an eight hour period of time. If you are concerned about your hearing, please consult a hearing specialist who can advise you about your safety levels with your audio device

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