Sena HD Speakers

Replacement HD SPEAKERS to suit 50S, 30K, 20S/20S-EVO models
Price: $ 63.00
HD Speakers
The replacment HD Speakers  will give you the ability to upgrade your sound to HD
(Type A) are compatible with only these models 
  • 50S
  • 30K
  • 20S-EVO / 20S
What's In The Box
- HD Speakers
- Hook and Look Fasteners for the Speakers

How to Activate Speakers for 20S/20S-EVO/30K

- Upgrade your 20S/20S-EVO/30K firmware
- Follow this with a Factory Reset
- Update your smartphone App
- Connect your headset and phone app.
- Go into the App > Basic Settings and enable HD Speakers.

Note: If you have a 50S, the speakers are already activated.

Product code SC-A0325


Contact Info

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  • 4 Pasadena Ct, Alexandra Hills QLD
  • Ph: 07 3820 2533