CENS ProFlex DX1

CENS DX1 single mode 3 stage volume control for general hearing protection for sporting shooter
Price: $ 1089.00



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Our single mode model is available in 9 Metalik colours, featuring a single digitally optimised mode with a dedicated on/off button. The DX1 is the great device for general shooters & features include advanced wind noise reduction & size 13 batteries for close to 400 hours of use.

Custom-Made LabFlex Earmolds ensure a perfect comfortable fit every time to complement the single digitally optimised mode & 3 stage digital volume control. The DX1 comes with WaterShield hydrophobic protection as well as an extended 2 year warranty & as with all CENS digital devices they are tested and certified to EN352-2: 2002 & EN352-7: 2002.

9 Module colours

cens colour range 

Make you modules stand out with the Metalik vibrant colours


16 Solid colours and endless multi colour combos *Please note for multi colour combos, extra charges apply

LabFlex 60 Shore colour chart

Personalize your LabFlex Earmolds in a solid colour or make them stand out with a multi-colour combination. Clear canal tip for ease of cleaning

Please note, colours are for comparison only and may vary

Single General Mode

Optimised for all-round use with handguns, riffles & shotguns for all shooting disciplines in the general mode, it boosts quieter sounds such as approaching birds & quarry to clear audible levels. Allows you to hear clearly at the range closing off when a shot is detected giving you the edge on the competition


DX1 Digital Volume Controll logo  DX1 Dedicated Power Button logo

DX Packaging

DX1 Output Levels  Attenuation Data Electronic Modules


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 Full impression of your ears to the second bend are required, additional cost will vary from where impressions are made; approximate delivery time is 3 to 5 weeks from time of receiving your impression.



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