Aaron & Julie Dalle-Molle

PH: 07 3820 2533

Email: info@earmold.com.au

Web: www.earmold.com.au

Location: 4 Pasadena Ct Alexandra Hills (Brisbane Metropolitan)


Below is a list of independent privately owned companies that stock most of the Earmold Australia products and services. Please note that these are privately run companies and are not owned by Earmold Australia.


Ears 2 U

Nicky Steel

PH: 0408 191 111

Email: steelnicky@hotmail.com

Location: Ipswich


Custom Fit Hearing Protection

Daniel Dalle-Molle

PH: 0448 889 671

Email: info@earplugsqld.com.au

Location: Nudgee


Personalised Hearing Protection

Ray Parker

PH: 0411 707 767

Email: parkerr57@bigpond.com

Location: Kallangur


On Target Sporting Arms


PH: 07 3855 9001

Email: glenn@ontargetsportingarms.com

Location: Keperra


Get Plugged Custom Moulded Hearing Protection

Craig and Brooke Townsend

PH: 0416 084 237

Email: sales@getplugged.net.au

Location: Gold Coast


Aqua Gun & Racing Moulded Ear Protection

Les Lambert

PH: 0407 060 101

Email: les.lambert1@hotmail.com

Location: Warwick


Western Hearing Protection Services

Lyndell & Daniel Radjovic

PH: 0438 871 564

Email: dlmraj@bigpond.com

Location: Tara


Plugalug Hearing Protection

Rob White

PH: 0419 788 514

Email: enquiries@plugalug.com.au

Location: Maryborough/Hervey Bay


CQ Ear Protection

Dianne and Ian Treveton

PH: 0417 638 129

Email: thetrevetons@yahoo.com.au

Location: Gladstone


Somethin In Ya Ears

Colleen Eason

PH: 0431 138 571


Location: Mount Isa


Sweet Silence

Elisa Lehmann

PH: 0416 144 331

Email: sweetsilenceinfo@yahoo.com.au

Location: Townsville


FNQ Hearing Protection

Renee Bell

PH: 0497 745 898

Email: fnqchp@gmail.com

Location: Cairns



Earmold also have providers in the following locations -  Woolloongabba,  Bargara and Normanton  - please contact us for more info.


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