CENS ProFlex DX5

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DX5 white plugs silver modules

Our flagship model, available in 9 Metalik colours, featuring 5 digitally optimised modes, as well as a dedicated mute function the DX5 is the perfect device for advanced shooters. The DX5 features Vocal Feedback, Volume control & Mode Auto-Save so you can pick up where you left off & know exactly which mode you’re using.

The DX5 is our most advanced system, with many advanced features including advanced wind noise reduction & wireless communication with the included induction neck loop. The ProFlex DX5 also features an exclusive Gun Metal module finish

Custom-Made LabFlex Earmolds ensure a perfect comfortable fit every time to complement the 5 digitally optimised modes & 10 stage digital volume control. The DX5 comes with Water Shield hydrophobic protection aswell as an extended 2 year warranty & as with all CENS digital devices they are tested and certified to EN352-2: 2002 & EN352-7:2002.

9 Module colours

cens colour range 

Make you modules stand out with the Metalik vibrant colours

16 Solid colours and endless multi colour combos *Please note for multi colour combos, extra charges apply
LabFlex 60 Shore colour chart

Personalize your LabFlex Earmolds in a solid colour or make them stand out with a multi-colour combination. Clear canal tip for ease of cleaning

Please note, colours are for comparison only and may vary

5 Optimised Modes

P1. Game mode

This program is optimised for sporting game shooters. Following a gunshot the device activates reducing output levels to keep the shooter safe from harmful noise. The sound level then immediately returns to normal allowing the user to hear approaching quarry.

A single microphone wind noise reduction algorithm is initiated in the program.

P2. Clay mode

This program is optimised for the sporting clay shooter where guns are typically fired at a faster rate with other shooters nearby also firing leaving the user exposed to more prolonged loud levels. A single microphone wind noise reduction algorithm is initiated in the program.

P3. Range mode

This program is optimised for those users firing at indoor ranges or larger calibre weapons. Ambient awareness is still provided although the reduced output levels may degrade close conversation.

P4. Wireless communication mode

This program is optimised for general shooting providing ambient awareness but with the added feature of wireless audio input via the supplied neck loop. The wireless levels have been increased to produce a crispers sound quality. Full two-way communications are possible with selected radios with the purchase of the optional SRC harness. A specialist proprietary harness is made to suit most two way radios with a “Push To Talk” transmit switch & microphone for remote access to the radio.

P5. Hunter mode

This program is optimised for the hunter/stalker as the amplification of quieter sounds is reduced compared to other programs that the sounds of footsteps on dry forestation & grass are greatly reduced so as to not be annoying to the user. A single microphone wind noise reduction algorithm is initiated in the program.

DX5 Vocal Feedback DX5 Auto save DX5 Multi switch

DX5 Power mute button DX5 Gun metal body

DX5 Packaging DX5 comms neck loop

  DX5 Output Levels  Attenuation Data Electronic Modules                                                                                                                                              


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Full impression of your ears to the second bend are required, additional cost will vary from where impressions are made; approximate delivery time is 3 to 5 weeks from time of receiving your impression.



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