Motorcycle Earplugs custom made from $90

Motorcycle custom Earplugs from $75
Earmold Australia Custom Motorcycle Earplugs, stop the wind noise. The original and still the best in hearing protection for Motorcycle riders, will enhance your in helmet intercom and reduce the wind whistling noise you get while riding.
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Motorcycle Earplugs custom made - priced from $90.00


Stop the wind noise and enjoy your ride

After a day of riding do your ears ring?

Did you know that travelling along at 100km per hour on an open road the wind noise travels around your helmet at close to 104 decibels?

After a long ride do you feel fatigued, have a ringing in your ears or suffer headaches?

Then you may need a set of Insta-Mold®™ Motorcycle Custom Earplugs.

With a pair of Earmold Australia®™ Insta-Mold®™ premium silicone custom made hearing protection for Motorcyclist in your ears you will notice that the wind noise is all but gone yet you can still hear the sound of your engine, the note of the exhaust and other vehicles around you.

Riding a motorcycle creates a lot of noise, even wearing a full-face helmet and depending on the helmets design some helmets may actually increase the noise level

With our Insta-Mold®™ Motorcycle Custom Earplugs, when worn correctly will greatly reduce the noise level when riding.  They can help save your hearing and also reduce some of the stresses due to the fatigue of long-distance riding. 

Once your hearing is gone, it is gone forever.

Wearing our Insta-Mold®™ Motorcycle Custom Earplugs whilst riding your motorcycle will make the ride much more enjoyable. If you haven't worn earplugs before you won't believe how much better it is to ride without wind noise whistling around your ears and our Insta-Mold®™ Earplugs can make a noisy helmet much quieter.

If you have an in helmet intercom system then without Insta-Mold®™ Motorcycle Custom Earplugs you will hear the sounds clearer as you are not fighting against the wind and road noise and as the speakers are located inside the helmet the sound will still travel through into your ears so you can hear you music clearly or communicate easily with your riding companions without the need for sign language.

The Earmold®™ process takes minutes to produce years of hearing protection and is guaranteed to fit as they are custom made to your ears "ON THE SPOT", no need for impressions, and no waiting weeks to get them back, ready to use the same day

The procedure that was especially developed to assure a "tissue to tissue" fit and this is achieved because the individual's ears are used as the moulds so that the inserted material cures to the exact contours and shapes of the ear canal for a snug watertight fit. Earmold Earplugs are made from the highest grade medical grade silicone available which is hard wearing yet still soft, pliable and will provide you with the ultimate in comfort and satisfaction throughout their lifetime, the Earmold Earplugs will provide you years of use.

They are a true class 5 AS/NZS1270 standards hearing protector and are made on the spot taking about 10 minutes to mould and are usually ready for use within 30 minutes. They come in a handy carry case and with several colour choices to choose from and the benefits of custom made earplugs you will love these earplugs for years to come and can be used for Industry, motorcycle riders, motor sports, sleeping, shooting, swimming, relaxation, concerts and general hearing protection.

Do you like to listen to music while riding?


We also offer the largest range of In Ear Monitors & head set that will connect to your phone, Bluetooth intercom, Ipod, MP3 player, GPS or any sound device that takes a standard 3.5mm stereo connection giving you clear music into your ears. So whether you're travelling at 20km or 110km per hour or just set it as background music to make those long boring rides more enjoyable.

The plugs are made on the spot in around 30 to 40 Minutes

Ready for use straight away, no need for impressions, no waiting for weeks to have them sent back to you.

 Please contact a Provider to make an appointment for assistance with our range of Insta-Mold®™ ear plugs

*Please note that pricing from Providers may vary from our recommended retail prices*


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