Race Monitors From $269

Racing monitors for in helmet comfort and clear communication sound.

In Ear Race Monitors from $269

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Our Earmold Australia® In Ear Race Monitors are made on the spot using our Instant premium silicone made directly from your ears on the spot and ready the same day, no more waiting weeks for your racing monitors to come back.

Only Earmold Australia® uses the highest rated medical grade instant silicone that offers up to 40.5db reduction at 4000 Hz yet will still let low level sounds such as voice through.

Working closely with many race drivers we have developed the ultimate in comfort, sound quality and ease of cleaning. Along with quality Single Knowles Balanced Armature you receive crystal clear instructions from your crew or race control. The Earmolds are made to ultra slim fit so they won’t dislodge while taking your helmet off and on and will stay in place while racing giving you the ultimate in comfort for many hours of use.

Available in a wide range of solid colours or multiple colour combinations for a full custom look

Frequency: 11 kHz Sound Pressure Level: 105.5 dB Impedance: 48 Ohms

Available in a 3.5mm Stereo, Mono or RCA (extra cost) connection fitted to a strong 60cm cable that has a reinforced Y section and the wire harness has been heat sealed to prevent breakage at the jack they come with a 12 month warranty on the electronics and a 2 year integrity warranty on the Earmolds for extra piece of mind.

Available directly from Earmold Australia® or selected Providers


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